Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy carefully outlines how Bitcoin Thunderbolt collects and processes any data our users share with us while browsing this website. Bitcoin Thunderbolt only collects the amount of data that is essential for the fulfilment of our services or meeting any other legitimate interests we may have in data collection, provided they do not violate the user’s rights to privacy. All of our data collection and processing activities are in line with the GDPR and other applicable data protection legislation.


Aim of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy offers an explanation as to how Bitcoin Thunderbolt collects, handles, and protects any Personal Data belonging to our users, in addition to an overview of the customer’s data protection rights.

All legal terminology we use in this Policy should be interpreted according to the definitions provided below:


How Is Personal Data Collected?

Bitcoin Thunderbolt requires the provision of some Personal Data from users in order to deliver the services it promises and maintain its business. Data is collected in the following manners:

Customers directly and consensually supply Personal Data to us on a daily basis while interacting with our website. Most commonly, this occurs when a user requests a service, for instance, account registration. When they fill in the opt-in form to open an account, they give Bitcoin Thunderbolt consent to collect and process the data provided.

In situations where the client communicates with Bitcoin Thunderbolt, they inadvertently share some Personal Data with us. Nevertheless, if the user supplies more data than is necessary for the fulfilment of the service they have requested, Bitcoin Thunderbolt will not process it. Only the minimum data necessary is collected and processed.

We may collect more data about our user’s behaviour while browsing Bitcoin Thunderbolt through cookies, for instance. Bitcoin Thunderbolt uses this information to study group customer segments, not to identify individuals.

How Is Personal Data Processed?

Bitcoin Thunderbolt respects the GDPR and all other relevant data protection laws. As such, we only collect enough data to ensure the smooth operation of our website and our ability to provide the services advertised on Bitcoin Thunderbolt.

We have the following reasons to collect user data:

Users must heed the distinction between Data Collector and Data Processor. Bitcoin Thunderbolt is the Data Collector but not the Data Processor. Thus, we do not keep our users’ data on our servers since we do not need to use it. During account registration with Bitcoin Thunderbolt, the customer is asked to provide their consent to Bitcoin Thunderbolt sharing their data with third-party brokers, who act as Data Processors. The brokerage our platform matches you with is the one that will store and process your details.

As a result, if they have any concerns or questions regarding data processing, users must speak directly to the broker we have paired them with.

Grounds for Personal Data Processing

Bitcoin Thunderbolt works only with the lowest amount of data that is required for the proper functioning of our platform. In particular, we need to process your data to accomplish the following:

Data Collection via Cookies

The Bitcoin Thunderbolt website uses cookies. They help us tell our clients apart, so we may save your individual preferences, customise your experience, measure the performance of our website, or identify potential problems with our pages and content. You can learn more in our Cookie Policy.

You will find three main varieties of cookies on Bitcoin Thunderbolt.

Functional Cookies

These cookies are essential to our website’s functioning. They enable services such as remembering your login information or using auto-fill suggestions when filling in our forms. If you disable these cookies, your experience with our website may be severely impacted.

Google Analytics Cookies

Furthermore, Bitcoin Thunderbolt uses Google Analytics cookies to gather deeper insight into the statistics and performance of our website. Though these cookies are not essential, they are of high importance to us, as they can reveal what aspects of Bitcoin Thunderbolt can be improved.

Third-party Cookies

Clients may also encounter cookies that belong to our third-party affiliated partners. They help customise your experience by establishing a connection between our websites.

How Do We Store Personal Data?

Bitcoin Thunderbolt does not store users’ Personal Data. During account registration, we ask for your permission to send your data to a third-party financial broker, who then acts as a Data Processor. If you provide your consent and proceed with the sign-up process, we send your information to an automatically-assigned brokerage from our list of affiliate partners.

The broker Bitcoin Thunderbolt pairs you with is the one who stores and processes your data. They conduct these operations in accordance with the GDPR or other privacy legislation applicable to the customer’s individual case.

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to carefully read the Privacy Policy of your assigned brokerage.

Protecting Your Data

Our highly professional team remains committed to safeguarding the customers’ Personal Data and adheres to rigorous security policies in place to protect our users. Thus, our website is as secure as current technological advancement allows to ensure a safe browsing experience for all clients. Furthermore, Bitcoin Thunderbolt will never share your data with unauthorised third parties. If we are legally required to give a third party access to your data, we shall inform you in advance and ask for your consent.

According to our company’s policies, all of our employees are under non-disclosure agreements and have an obligation not to disclose your data to anyone. Moreover, our workflow is structured in a way for your data to be exposed only to the minimum number of people necessary for the fulfilment of our services.

In rare circumstances, Bitcoin Thunderbolt may receive a request for access to your data by the authorities or other third parties, which are within their rights to make such a request. For instance, if a user is being investigated by the police or other authorities and the data Bitcoin Thunderbolt has collected about them could aid the investigation, that would be a legitimate request.

However, Bitcoin Thunderbolt shall be extremely cautious every time we receive such requests. Our team will carefully review the circumstances and the applicable laws to determine whether we are obligated to divulge the requested information. If we deem that Bitcoin Thunderbolt is not under such an obligation and that such data sharing would violate your privacy rights, we reserve our right to refuse such requests for access to your Personal Data. Nevertheless, if the request is legitimate and the law demands our cooperation, we would be obligated to comply.

Personal Data Sharing

If Bitcoin Thunderbolt needs to share your Personal Data with a third party, we shall always ask for your informed consent. We will not share any of your data without your permission.

Please note that the Data Processors Bitcoin Thunderbolt works with will handle your data according to their own privacy policies, which you can find on their websites. In addition, more than one Data Processor may have access to your data. Some third-party Data Processors include the hosting company whose services we use and our affiliate partners to whom we send your data upon registration.

All Personal Data sharing is carried out according to all applicable legal guidelines and data protection laws.

Your Data Protection Rights

All website users have several crucial rights guaranteed by the GDPR or equivalent data protection laws:

Moreover, Bitcoin Thunderbolt users can also:

Bitcoin Thunderbolt remains open to questions and other inquiries regarding data collection and processing on our website. Please use the Contact form to reach us if you need further clarifications.


Bitcoin Thunderbolt reserves the right to change or update any of our website content, the present Privacy Policy included. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly check our terms and policies for any changes. All amendments become valid from the moment they are published on our site. Your continued use of Bitcoin Thunderbolt represents consent to any changes made.