Millions of users worldwide have already dived into the crypto market to invest in various coins and expand their trading portfolios. The cryptocurrency world is rapidly expanding as more traders realise what the potential of trading crypto can be. So, what are you waiting for?


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Trading cryptocurrency is the perfect option for those of us who love high-risk investments that can be potentially rewarding. If you’re ready to take the risk and become a part of the dedicated crypto community, then it’s time to create an account with Bitcoin Thunderbolt!

We’ll quickly connect you with a proficient broker who can provide a selection of tools and resources that can be utilised to make your trading experience seamless and trouble-free. Using one of our brokers gives you a chance to dedicate time to focusing on the crypto market and creating an effective trading strategy.

Please remember to read all of our disclaimers before you sign up for Bitcoin Thunderbolt. It’s important to understand all the risks associated with trading and ensure to do your due diligence before investing your own money.

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Benefits of Creating an Account With Bitcoin Thunderbolt

Using Bitcoin Thunderbolt can make trading a breeze, regardless of how much experience you have with the crypto market. Here’s why you won’t want to miss out on what Bitcoin Thunderbolt has to offer!


The registration process is incredibly fast, as all that is required is your name and contact details. We will then try to swiftly connect you with a broker that is best suited to your trading needs so that you don’t waste any time getting started. Once you’ve made a deposit, you’re free to start trading with the help of your broker, and before you know it, you’ll be diving headfirst into the crypto market!


Creating an account won’t cost you anything, as we proudly do not charge users for any of our services. We’ll process your data and connect you with a suitable broker without surprising you with any hidden fees so that you can put more of your money towards crypto investments! All that is required is a small (minimum) deposit of 250 USD when finalising your account set-up (as requested by our brokers).


We value your privacy which is why we adhere to all privacy regulations and never use data without your consent. We also protect our website with SSL technology to keep our users’ information private and secure. Although the act of trading itself is risky, we aim to provide a safe environment for our traders, which is why we take data privacy very seriously.


We’ve made our website easy to navigate to make it accessible for users, regardless of how much trading experience they have. Our brokers also provide a wide range of innovative tools that can make trading smooth and efficient. You can maximise your trading potential with demo trading accounts, trading robots, and much more with the help of our dedicated brokers!

  1. Fill Out the Registration Form

    The first step in your trading journey is completing the registration form at the top of this page. By providing your name and contact details, you allow our advanced algorithm to analyse your data and match you with one of our brokers.

    Shortly after you’ve submitted your form, a broker representative will contact you to help complete your account registration. You’ll be able to ask any questions and discuss your personal goals with your broker.

    Reminder: Since our algorithm is automatic, you may need to confirm that your assigned broker can legally offer crypto trading services in your country of residence.

  2. Deposit Funds

    After you’ve connected with a broker who you are satisfied with, you’re ready for the next step - adding funds to your account! Our brokers require a minimum deposit of 250 USD to get you started. But since there are no upper limits, you can add as much as you want. However, keep in mind that trading is very risky, and you can expect losses, so it’s wise to start off trading with a smaller amount, especially if you’re a beginner.

  3. Start Trading

    Once your funds have been deposited, you can start trading! All you need to do is decide which cryptocurrencies and other tradable assets you want to invest in. Our brokers offer plenty of choices, so whether you want to invest in popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio with various altcoins, you have tons of options! You can also check out other assets such as stocks or Forex pairs and futures. And remember, if you thoroughly research the market before investing, stick to a trading strategy, and make use of your broker’s resources, then you’ll stand a better chance of succeeding as a crypto trader!

Get Started With Bitcoin Thunderbolt Today!

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Risk note: Investing is high-risk and traders may lose their capital due to the volatile and unpredictable nature of the market. Never invest more than you are willing to lose and always do your due diligence before investing in assets such as cryptocurrency.

Affiliate disclaimer: We have affiliate partnerships with the brokers we connect users with and receive compensation for our recommendations. Users will not be charged anything extra in this process and our services remain free for everyone who creates an account.