About Us

We have created Bitcoin Thunderbolt to simplify trading, so you can quickly get started and spend as much time as you wish trading cryptocurrency!

Our Values

We strongly believe that absolutely anyone who wants to can start trading. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a crypto expert, we want you to have all the tools you may need at your disposal.

Trading can be very overwhelming for many traders since there is so much to learn and, in most cases, so much at stake. This feeling can lead to newer traders making common mistakes that can cost them their capital. To avoid this, it’s recommended to use an expert broker’s help.

Often it can be difficult to find a suitable broker for your trading needs, which is where we come in! Our goal is to connect traders with brokers so that they can more easily make the first step in their crypto journey. After all, entering the trading world should not be unnecessarily stressful and, instead, should be streamlined and efficient.

By connecting our users with full-featured brokers we’ve partnered with, we prevent them from wasting time researching various companies. That means you can quickly dive in and start trading cryptocurrency and other assets as soon as you’re ready to!

Our Platform

We have purposely made our platform beginner-friendly as we understand how daunting trading can be for newcomers. We want to make the crypto market accessible and welcoming, so we created a hassle-free sign-up process that only takes a few minutes. Our advanced algorithm can connect users with suitable brokers who can help guide them to success in the trading world.

Once you have been assigned a broker, you can communicate with them and ask any questions about the services they offer. Each broker we partner with has their own range of resources tailored to make trading easier for users.

Be sure to discuss with your broker which tools and software they can offer so that you fully understand what they can provide you with. It’s also important to check that your assigned broker can legally operate in your country of residence since our algorithm is automatic and cannot account for local restrictions.

We have chosen to make our services 100% free to make crypto trading accessible for everyone. Moreover, we also employ top-notch security protocols throughout our platform to ensure that our users’ data is protected at all times. We have created Bitcoin Thunderbolt to simplify trading, so you can quickly get started and spend as much time as you wish trading cryptocurrency!

Why We Choose Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Thunderbolt has chosen to focus primarily on cryptocurrency as it is a dynamic and promising asset. Traders are often drawn to the unpredictable nature of the crypto market as they have the potential to make a significant profit. Of course, crypto is extremely volatile, so anyone who invests in it can risk losing their capital, but this is a big part of the appeal for many traders. Not only this, cryptocurrency has a lot of real-world uses and has the chance of revolutionising the financial sector.

However, we understand that crypto may not be every trader’s first choice. That’s why Bitcoin Thunderbolt has ensured that this is not the only option for traders. We have partnered with brokers who support the trading of a wide array of assets, including Forex currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, and commodities such as gold, silver, and oil.

Sign up for Bitcoin Thunderbolt now to diversify your trading portfolio however you want with the help of our versatile brokers!

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